Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Decisions, Decisions Regarding TIFF '16

I declared months ago that I will not be attending the Toronto Int'l Film Festival for my 12th year in a row. I'm already going to go to Toronto for the TIFF Soiree featuring Michael Fassbender on Wednesday, September 7th. However, I would like to explore possibly driving to Toronto, again, on Saturday so I can see Michael's film, Trespass Against Us, at 11:45am, as well as The Magnificent Seven, directed by the awesome Antoine Fuqua, and starring Denzel Washington at 2:30pm.

Try as I might to put all things TIFF out of my mind, I find myself wringing my hands slightly to see if there's a chance I can go there quickly, just to see two movies, and get out of town. Because I'm so close to Toronto, it's almost like a no brainer in determining if I should attend, especially on a Saturday! Well, individual tickets for the festival go on sale on Sunday, Sept 4th at 9am. If I can buy these two tickets, or just the one for Trespass, I will make it another fun one-day excursion to Toronto, and this will definitely be the LAST time I drive from Michigan to Toronto to attend the festival.

If it's meant to be, I'll be there.

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