Thursday, June 7, 2018

Blue Apron Meals at Home

I'm not one to follow many celebrities on Twitter, but I follow a few cool ones, and one of them is Chrissy Teigen. I find her to be funny, smart, and politically savvy. I bumped into her at the Avalon Hotel during the Palm Springs International Film Festival in January 2016, she's very pretty and sweet in real life. So today I was just reading my Twitter feed and I noticed that a Blue Apron subscriber tagged Chrissy in a post because she made a meal that Chrissy created as a recipe for Blue Apron as part of a six week meal preparation celebrity promotion. I loved the simple prep look, and the high delicious/nutritional value of the shrimp and broccoli meal so much that I immediately signed up for Blue Apron on a three week discount promotion. I subscribed to the 2 meals a week for 2 (they don't have a meal plan for us single folk so I can turn the two meal portions into two separate meals for me - making that four meals a week).

The timing of subscribing to Blue Apron comes when I'm already spending $30-40 a week on microwave meals and fruit and nuts, OK, and some cakes/cookies and salty crap, on top of the money I spend to go out and eat lunch maybe 2-3 times a week. My salt intake is much higher than normal and I'm noticing a difference in how it's affecting my health and that's not cool. When you sign up for Blue Apron, you get to select if you want vegetarian meals, fish/poultry, or red meat/pork. I don't eat the latter, so it's very convenient to order the type of meals tailored to your dietary preferences. My first box arrives on June 16th and every Saturday after that. I'll see how it goes, I may even add in a recommended bottle of wine to complement a meal. I need to train my palate to tolerate wine, especially red wine as I plan my trip to Italy next year.

By the way, after I treated a thanks to Chrissy for bringing Blue Apron to my attention, she liked my tweet! Huzzah! It's the little things.

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