Monday, April 22, 2019

Finally, A New Job!

On this day, the 22nd of April 2019, two years and six months since I moved to Southern California, I have accepted a full-time job offer with the company I have been a contractor at since December 2017. The peace of mind that I have long sought, and the security of my future has now finally been given the opportunity to come to fruition. There were a few times during my first year in the LA area where I wondered if I did the right thing in moving here. The job search was getting scary and demanding. I had not one, but two God awful jobs that were so terrible, I had to quit with very short notice. But after so many bad years at home in Michigan, I was determined to make a fresh start here in the LA area and I did. I'm with a large and well respected health care provider, and to be employed with this company all but assures that I'll have not only excellent access to health care, but at an excellent 'discounted' employee rate. This is so important, especially at my age and being single. My title is Compliance Consultant, and I'm finally out from under that administrative assistant umbrella that I have been getting sucked back in every other role.

I have a professional job title, professional responsibilities, an excellent salary with an excellent organization. This is finally happening in 2019. If I could go back in time and tell my 2009 self that I will be OK and succeed but in another state, I would do it because I was hurting so badly back then. I speculated that just past the two year mark of moving here, things would finally settle in for me.

Next big target: My own apartment. This won't happen until late 2020 after my trip to Italy and paying off my car that summer.

Thank you celestial beings for looking out for me!!

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